TBMo3x5.JPG (25771 bytes)In Mexico, it's all about the birds. In Belize and Australia, it's about the birds and the mammals, each country with a tropical barrier reef. In Canada and Alaska, it's all of these plus wildflowers, geology and fantastic scenery. In New Zealand, it's scenery, scenery, scenery.  Lots of caravans take you to many of the same places, but here is what's different about ours:

We stop to smell the roses. We're in no rush to visit the next gift shop or tour the next relic - although you can shop and we do tour at times. Instead, we spend time exploring the wild places, where nature is still in control and where birds fly, animals prowl, flowers grow and rain forests are untrammeled. Grizzly3x4.JPG (30116 bytes)

We travel with people who have the same interests: people who like nature, birders both beginning and advanced, people who want to see and learn more about the natural world around them.

We learn from each other and we learn from our birding guides and naturalist. We gather for short presentations, especially in Alaska, about birds, wildflowers and geology. We explore birding sites under the direction of a birding guide who has been there before and who can help in bird identification.

We like the flexibility that these specialized caravans provide. We have the opportunity to choose among many options - birding, sightseeing, hiking, shopping, touring - and the ability to control our own agenda each day.

If this describes you, join us for our next caravan to Mexico, Central America, Canada, Alaska, Australia or New Zealand.

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