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P2140043AguaAzul.jpg (42987 bytes)Exclusive advantage of small caravan size

An oft-repeated recommendation from past customers is to offer caravans with a small number of rigs. This is particularly true for birding caravans. A smaller birding group has a better chance of finding shy birds and for everyone to have a clear view of the rarities. Greater personal attention from the birding guides is a distinct advantage of a smaller group size. While limited to 10 customer rigs, we do overbook by one or two rigs early on, to allow for subsequent cancellations.  Caravan travel, ability to hear the two-way radio announcements, campsite parking, birding site parking, restaurant reservations, and many other caravanning activities are greatly facilitated by a smaller group size.

Additional advantages for Australia and New Zealand tours

Much of our birding will be done with local birding guides, often with a rental van.  The restricted group size means we can travel in a single vehicle.  Also, most of the boat trips are restricted to a small number per boat, so again we can travel in one boat.  When birding on narrow paths through wooded areas, a smaller group size makes it easier to hear comments from the birding guide.  For these reasons, we further restrict these tours to an even smaller number than our other tours.

Carefully designed itinerary and travel routes

Great care and extensive planning has gone into the design of our birding caravan routes to maximize birding opportunities and balance this with finding the best and closest campgrounds available. Non-birding activities have been explored, especially whenever our route coincides with traditional caravan routes, so that we typically have all the opportunities of sightseeing, shopping, dining, and touring as other caravans, without compromising birding prospects. Through years of experience of running birding caravans, we've learned from customers that they want to explore many birding habitats, but not at the expense of too many travel days without respite. So, based on customer input, we've increased our stay at the favorite spots and eliminated the less interesting ones.


Wagonmaster team

In addition to managing and directing the caravan, the Wagonmaster team serves two special roles: one person focuses on scheduling and leading the birding excursions and the other person arranges numerous sightseeing, touring and social activities. You will have many activities to choose from, but under no obligation to choose any.

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